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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MagicalDreams?

We are a community-based Theme Park Minecraft server dedicated to recreating the magic of Disney while providing the safest, most family-friendly environment anywhere.

How can I get onto the server?

MagicalDreams is currently available for the PC version of MineCraft. To visit, open Minecraft. Next, click on "Multiplayer" (on the main menu). Now, click the "Add a Server" button and type "" for the IP.

What can I do here?

Just like the real Disney Parks, you are able to enjoy immersive rides & attractions, meet characters (and get their autographs), watch our many shows (including choreographed Fireworks Shows synched to music), eat in restaurants, stay at resorts and much more. You have to explore to find all the hidden gems.

Where are the attractions?

You can visit them by walking or ‘warping’ to them. You will find the complete list of ‘warps’ here on our website or you can type /warps in the Parks.

Where can I get food?

Walk to or warp to any restaurant or food cart while visiting our parks.

Are there any resource packs and are they required?

You will have the best possible experience if you have our current resource pack installed. You can obtain them in game or here on the website.

Is MagicalDreams available on the Xbox/Playstation/Switch/Mobile versions of Minecraft?

Not at this time. This is a limitation of Minecraft and not MagicalDreams. The PC version of the game does not connect the same network as XBOX, Playstation or Realms.

Why did it say I was swearing when I wasn't?

Our NoSwear Plugin is purposely sensitive. In order to better protect our Guests, it will sometimes filter out words that aren’t swears. Please understand that chat is always moderated, 24 hours a day, and any infraction is dealt with if it is real. Otherwise, we ask that you not worry and just continue to enjoy the parks!