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Our Four Keys

Making a difference means giving everyone--Guests, partners and teams--an unforgettable experience. How? By offering the highest quality service and making dreams come true.

Working on stage or backstage, Cast Members are curious, enthusiastic, dynamic and driven by a real love of the Resort and the Disney universe. All of our Cast Members share a common goal: to make dreams come true for Guests of all ages!

Many of Our Cast Members grew up with Disney, giving it a special place in their hearts. And now, through MagicalDreams, they are the messengers of this magic, enchanting server Guests.

To guarantee a unique experience every day, our Cast Members commit to respecting the 4 keys we share with The Walt Disney Company.

Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. Our Four Keys are an integral part of our professions across MagicalDreams. Each Key is essential, and together they guarantee an exceptional Guest experience.

Key #1 – Safety

The Keys appear in a specific order to remind us that Safety must be the priority in every decision we take and must never be sacrificed for another key.

Key #2 – Courtesy

Because Cast Members play a major role in the MagicalDreams experience, Courtesy must be at the heart of our contact with Guests as well as with colleagues and partners.

Key #3 – Show

It breathes life into the stories we tell our Guests. The Show Key also applies backstage, where each of us contributes, directly or indirectly, to the Guest experience.

Key #4 – Efficiency

By managing our acitivity efficiently, events run smoothly and we avoid unecessary inconveniences for our Guests, colleagues and professional partners.